Monchique - Foia

Monchique - Foia

This region is a range of hills with the highest point of the Algarve. The Foia with 902m, a challenge for all cyclists, who have to overcome 500 meters in altitude in 8 km. From the top you have a fantastic panoramic view of the Serra and the coastal region to the Atlantic.
The Fóia located in the Serra, in an area where there is always a lot of moisture available for the existing vegetation; therefore the mountainous area is densely forested up to 700m height and evergreen. In order to manage commercially the steep slopes, farmers created in earlier time’s terraces that are nowadays still partially planted or used as grazing area.
At the base of the Foia you will find the famous tourist place Monchique. It attracts many tourists and local population. You may find many locally made craft items for sale in its shops and markets such as basketry, textiles, ceramics and wood carvings. Even high-quality garments such as sweaters or bedspread can be bought relatively cheap.
A few miles below lies the spa town of Caldas de Monchique, known for his 38 ° warm springs. The small village is located in a forest park in a canyon and it was completely renovated in the beginning of the century.

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